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Internet of Everything.

VERGE Internet creates connectivity for today’s digital life.
In a world where connectivity is essential, VERGE makes Internet and computing power affordable and accessible for all.

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    Verge Internet

    Internet connectivity has never been more essential to our daily lives. However, today nearly 25% of people in the United States do not have access to the Internet at home. The disparity is even greater in vulnerable communities, meaning far too many people lack the connectivity they need to learn, work, interact and innovate.

    VERGE believes that connectivity should be a common good. However, connectivity today is controlled by incumbent providers that value profits over people. VERGE is disrupting the status quo with decentralized networks and edge computing built on blockchain technology that supports ubiquitous connectivity, privacy and security for all.


    Verge Internet

    Put it simply, VERGE Internet™ provides super highspeed networks to support affordable Internet for All and the Internet of Everything.

    For the networking geeks, the VERGE Internet connectivity fabric is a unifying layer of enhanced mobile broadband, edge compute, and massive IoT integration. Our network topology takes a hybrid approach by bringing 100G PON Fiber to the Neighborhood matched with 5G mmWave wireless to the home.

    VERGE Internet expands network density with LoRaWAN and utilizes a proprietary blockchain technology to protect data and enable the future of connected devices. VERGE Internet delivers the data, runs the applications, and brokers the complexities of multi–tier Internet apps across an unpredictable array of intelligent devices.


    VERGE Internet

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    VERGE is built from the ground-up using future-proof technologies that provide ultra-highspeed connectivity and computing for an equitable digital future.

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