Christopher J. Wolff

Christopher J. Wolff 

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Throughout his career, Christopher Wolff has worked on the leading-edge of technology and connectivity, with a passion for rapid growth and a calling for digital equity. He founded his first company, Turbonet, in 1993 as a dial-up ISP and web hosting provider with key accounts such as Compaq. In 1997, Christopher founded Gain Wireless, one of the first wireless ISP’s in the country that covered much of the city of Tucson, AZ. In 1999, Christopher was again among the first to build Data Centers when he started Broadband Laboratories, offering up to 10,000 feet of conditioned colocation space. He exited Broadband Laboratories to found Simply Bits, which was a return to the wireless ISP space. Soon after, he founded Sprocket Communications to push into the Southern AZ market and Mexico. In that role, Christopher designed, managed, and operated 2,400 square miles of fixed wireless and fiber optic broadband.

Christopher returned to New Orleans in 2015, where he has been laser-focused on solving the city’s broadband access and social challenges, while managing a 150-site fiber network, designing a 430-site fiber and wireless network, and maintaining network security. 

In 2020, Christopher co-founded VERGE Internet and COMN Coin as vehicles to deliver on the next phase of broadband development with integrated blockchain. At COMN, Christopher forked a mainstream token on the Solana Blockchain to explore and perfect distributed computing, edge computing, AR and VR concepts. At VERGE, Christopher designs broadband networks . . . .

Christopher lives in New Orleans with his wife and son. He enjoys computing and spinning records whenever he’s not chasing his boy around.  

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